Contextual advertising

Matching Ads with Relevant Context

Unlock precise, cookie-free advertising effortlessly with semantIQ. Publishers can seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge contextual intelligence solution powered by OpenAI, instantly enhancing their advertising strategies.

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The benefits at a glance

semantIQ: Empowering publishers to achieve more with less effort

Effortless Integration

Integrate semantIQ seamlessly within minutes by simply including a script in the header. Customise keyword configurations effortlessly for each advertiser.

Maximale Reichweite ohne Cookies durch contextual advertising

Expanded Reach

Unlike other contextual targeting solutions, semantIQ scans all articles, guaranteeing 100% reach coverage. This broader reach directly boosts publisher revenue.

Echtzeit Indexierung ihrer Artikel für kontextbasierte Werbeauslieferung

Turbocharge Indexing

semantIQ rapidly indexes editorial content in real-time, ensuring instant recognition of changes and enabling real-time delivery of contextually targeted online ads.

Understanding the Technology

Available as a SaaS license for publishers.
contextual advertising mithilfe von OpenAI / künstliche Intelligenz

Custom Taxonomies

Unlike traditional contextual targeting methods which rely on matching article content with preset keyword catalogs, our cutting-edge semantIQ solution powered by OpenAI offers fully automated and intelligent semantic analysis based on customisable criteria. This means publishers no longer need to manually create and maintain keyword lists.

contextual advertising - keine cookies eine datenschutzsichere Alternative

Cookie-Free Data Protection

Contextual Intelligence operates without cookies, relying solely on anonymised or pseudonymised data. In today's digital landscape, where cookie-based tracking is fading, SemantIQ offers a privacy-centric alternative for targeted online advertising.

Positive Advertising Recognition

By strategically aligning advertising with relevant editorial content, contextual advertising enhances positive brand perception and drives campaign effectiveness. This synergy boosts click-through and conversion rates, benefiting both publishers and advertisers with higher ROI.

contextual advertising kompatibel mit sämtlichen  Publisher Ad Servern

Compatibility with all Ad Servers

semantIQ operates seamlessly across various ad servers, ensuring compatibility. It delivers comprehensive insights into editorial content through key-value analysis, facilitating contextual recommendations within each system.

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